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 Aluminium coil vs Copper coil

In Air conditioner, coils are used to convert gas refrigerant to liquid refrigerant and vice versa, which is used to further cool the room. However, copper coil or aluminium coil does the same job, but there are certain difference in their heat transmission capability, durability and resistant to corrosion. Here we are presenting our review on which is best among the copper and aluminium coils.

How Copper and Aluminium differs.


Cost is the first thing to consider while choosing among the copper and aluminum coils. Copper is better than aluminum among all the aspect, although some manufacturers are still using aluminum. Only thing is the cost. Copper is much expensive than aluminum. That’s why manufacturers using aluminum coils drop the air conditioner price so that luxurious air conditioners can be made available to more people at low or moderate price.

Pliability (The quality of being easily bent) of copper is much less than aluminium. It means bending, molding copper coils is much harder than aluminium coil. Hence, to make same size and shape, it takes approximately three times cheaper than aluminium.


Corrosion damages the coils and causes refrigerant gas leaking and makes it brick. That’s why, it is necessary to save coil from corrosion.

Copper coil subjected to formicary corrosion (happens in the presence of oxygen, water and organic acid). Although, corrosion on copper coils can be avoided by proper maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis. Although, in the worst case, corrosion damages the copper coil, it is economical to repair and use again.

Aluminium coils are subjected to galvanic corrosion (happens due to, two metal contacts in the presence of electrolyte liquid). Corrosion occurs at where aluminium coil joins with copper tube and causes the refrigerant leaking. The worst thing about the aluminium coil is once it damaged, it’s very hard to repair, in most of the cases have to replace with a new one.

Heat transfer

Copper is a better heat exchange than aluminium coils means copper coil can cool the room much faster, efficiently than aluminium coil. This makes air conditioner much more electricity saving one.


Generally, coils are fitted in a condenser, which is mounted outside the home and have to face harshly and hot weather conditions and needs regular cleaning for better performance, functioning. Copper coils are strong enough to prone weather conditions. Whereas, aluminium coils are weaker and have to keep in strong, covered cabinet, this makes maintaining, cleaning aluminum coils much difficult processes.

Coil strength

Copper is much stronger than aluminium and the best thing is in case copper coil damage, it is easy and economical to repair, whereas with aluminium coils this is not the case. However, some of the companies manufacturing thin copper coils to cost cut.


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