How to take care of your AC Compressor.?


Your AC compressor is a critical component in the flow of air through your home. Be aware of signs that say it’s time to change. The AC compressor is the most important part of your air conditioning system that allows the air to flow properly. It is a cycle that consists of transforming a refrigerant compound from a gas to a liquid and back again. Because this component is so important to the AC, here are three signs to look out for to know if the compressor needs to be fixed or replaced.

Loud Noises

Keep an ear for unusual sounds, another sign of your AC compressor needing to be checked is if you hear loud noises every time the AC turns on. There are many components within a compressor and if one tears, it will make loud noises.

High Temperature

If you are noticing that the room temperature is higher than normal, this can be a sign that something is wrong with your AC compressor. The job of the compressor is to allow the AC to produce cold air. A broken one will not be able to regulate the flow of air coming through, and your AC will not function correctly producing higher temperatures generated from the outside.

High Electricity Bill

If you are starting to notice a high electricity bill but you haven’t used your AC as often, it is likely that your AC compressor could be damaged. If the compressor is not compressing the gas enough, it will not work as efficiently causing the AC to run longer increasing your bill.

Take note of all these signs, and if you are concerned that your AC compressor is damaged call a professional to take a look. There are times where you can fix it and other times where it needs to be replaced.

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