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The major highlight of the air conditioners is that it comes with an air purifier pre-installed. The AC comes with three stages of air purification. There is a catechin filter which deactivates odour causing bacteria. Then there NANOE-G technology, which basically releases 3 trillion ions, which  get attached to the PM 2.5 particles and then drain it outside, so that a user can get a clean air. And lastly, the PM 2.5 filter, removes all the pollutants from the air to provide a cleaner air.

The ACs also comes with a new radiant cooling technology that basically cools down room ceiling and walls, so that the room is cool down much faster as compared to conditional air conditioners. The device comes with an “SKYWING” flap design at the top which allows a uniform cooling coupled with a three multi-directional arms to adjust the angle of the airflow. The new air conditioners R401A refrigerant gas which is environmental-friendly and is more efficient in cooling.

Moreover, the Sky Series comes with a new Dust Sensor which automatically switches on nanoe-G to purify the air whenever a high level of particle concentration is detected. This results in preventing health problems such as a cough, cold and loss of skin moisture can be prevented.Panasonic’s senior product marketing manager for air conditioning, explains how tightly sealed homes can lead to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

With many of us spending a large percentage of our lives indoors, poor IAQ can lead to a number of health issues, including generally non-specific symptoms such as headaches, tiredness or lethargy, to more severe effects such as aggravation of asthma and allergic responses.

Panasonic’s consumer air-conditioning range features nanoe-G technology – an active air purifying system that not only deactivates or removes unwanted airborne particles, but also surface based particles, offering consumers the benefit of having an air conditioner and air purifier in one unit.

The advanced nanoe-G air purifying system removes 99 per cent of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould as well as deactivating 99 per cent of viruses and 99 per cent of bacteria on surfaces for a cleaner, healthier home – it even works when the air conditioning unit is not cooling or heating.

Put simply, the technology works by the air conditioning unit releasing trillions of nanoe-G fine particles which work to capture and deactivate harmful bacteria, viruses and mould in the room, bringing them back to the filter. nanoe-G will even deactivate bacteria and viruses that are trapped in the filter, so there are no concerns of bacteria and viruses breeding in the filter itself.

Exclusive to Panasonic, nanoe-G uses ‘nano technology’ fine air particles consisting of ions and radicals, not chemicals, so it can be used without any concerns by people who are sensitive to chemicals, and in children’s rooms.Panasonic invests heavily in research and development within the air conditioning category to bring the best products to market. Panasonic India has today introduced a whole new range of air conditioners dubbed as Elite Inverter Sky series, which also acts as an all season air purifiers.

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