Air Conditioner – A luxury or A necessity

Undeterred heat waves have been forcing public to opt for one of air conditioning (AC) systems to keep the temperature in their houses under control. Given the scenario, AC is now not at all a luxury for lower and middle sized economy groups but is a necessity that makes their life a bit easier to live amidst soaring mercury.

With a mere amount or no investment at all, there are plenty of opportunities for people to take home a cooling machine as many electronic showrooms threw open a galore of discount and privilege sales. One can access to take home an AC just by filling some forms and submitting proofs, without need for cash.

It is estimated that this segment contributes to about 60 percent of the complete market sales. AC sales generally do not see a much growth in the peak season. But, many people buy one, before the summer sets in. The business cannot be estimated within a month.

However, sale of second-hand ACs do a better business than the showroom pieces, particularly during April and May.” “For people who wish to procure the firsthand AC, they are inclining towards three stars to five-star savers, which assure value for money and prove to be energy efficient in the long run.

Demand for air coolers is also equal since people who have an AC inside house prefer to have a cooler in the verandah. Most of it all, a cooler can deliver air which AC do not, It is, of course, mandatory to equip house with AC in this city. With temperature touching new heights in the month of April, there is so much to bear in the coming months

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